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  1. Visuals that shed light on mental health

    09 Oct 2020
    As tomorrow is World Mental Health Day I wanted to share something of my personal experiences, tips for mental wellbeing and some of my work that helps communicate mental health in these different contexts: young people, healthcare, self-confidence, arts and health. Everyone has their own worries and traumas to carry…

  2. Tips for remote online events

    15 Apr 2020
    Since the lockdown started due to Covid-19, I have been keeping an eye out for experiences, best practice and pitfalls when it comes to remote collaboration and online events. In this post I have listed some key points I have picked up so far and you can find a resource…

  3. Self Love Surgery - a wellbeing pop up workshop

    20 Mar 2020
    ***Free colouring in templates - scroll down!*** At the time of writing this, my first blog post, people are trying to get their heads around a rapidly changing situation as the Coronavirus pandemic advances. Within a week working from home (WFH) is the new normal for those whose jobs make…

  4. Event illustration round-up: mental health, gambling and esports

    10 Sep 2019
    This is the beginning of a regular series of blog posts called ’Event illustration round-up‘ in which I share a selection of recent events I have covered as a graphic recorder. Sometimes the smaller events I work at don’t quite stretch to a project page on their own…

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