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Self Love Surgery - a wellbeing pop up workshop

***Free colouring in templates - scroll down!***

At the time of writing this, my first blog post, people are trying to get their heads around a rapidly changing situation as the Coronavirus pandemic advances. Within a week working from home (WFH) is the new normal for those whose jobs make it feasible and everyone is talking about ‘social distancing’.

A lovely side effect of the crisis is that more and more people are sharing help and knowledge freely – whether it is in the form of getting shopping for vulnerable pensioners or giving access to training videos. This has made me think about what I  could do to help whilst keeping myself safe enough (I have an underlying condition requiring social distancing as much as I can).

So I thought this would be a good time to share something small that might help pass the time and keep spirits high: illustrated affirmations as colouring in sheets! These sheets were made as part of ‘Self Love Surgery’, a collaboration between me and my friend Emina Rezdepovic (a fantastic woman) who has been running the Wicked Women’s Institute for a couple of years. We organised a pop up workshop with a big group colouring in session, a book corner, cupcakes and a special self-love booth involving a mirror and a pep talk track.  

Here is a list of different affirmations, click on them to download A4 .jpg files to print and colour in (files will open in a new browser window, right click on image to save):

I am good and I deserve nice things

I am enough

Feeling sad? Feeling rad?

Go smash it

Be who you goddamn want to be

Yass queen – you got this. 

I’m a super sassy classy bitch

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