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Joining your team for workshops, webinars or conferences or working from my design studio, I can help you present everything from abstract concepts to stories and processes in a meaningful, visual way. 

Live events

Capture and present information and stories in a simple, clear way, and offer your audience an engaging and memorable experience that ignites conversation.

  • Live graphic recording 
  • Digital graphic recording 
  • Virtual event scribing 
  • Conference sketch artist 
  • Live illustration 


Demystify research, share a story or vision, and inject life into serious subjects with digital and hand-drawn illustrations that cater to your audience. 

  • Editorials 
  • Research publications 
  • Infographics 
  • Comics 
  • Commissions

Planning and strategy

Use visual thinking to tackle problems, challenge ideas, and demonstrate concepts to collaborators, stakeholders and customers.

  • Discovery and storyboarding 
  • Ideation and roadmapping 
  • Problem solving 
  • Consultancy 
  • Workshops  

Agency support

Are you an innovation or service design company? I work with a number of agencies to provide the visual support they need, including: 

  •  Storyboards 
  • User journeys 
  • Process maps 
  • Brainstorming workshops 
  •  Visual thinking sessions 

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How I work

While every business challenge and project is unique, my process is consistent to make sure that you create real impact through your work. 

We’ll kick things off with a conversation to help me understand what you want to achieve and why, and define the outcomes of your project. While I enjoy being involved from the start of the creative process, I can come aboard at any stage to contribute ideas and provide fresh direction. 

Once the project is completed, you’ll receive your licensed images, illustrations or material to use as agreed. 

Sounds good? Get in touch and we can have a chat about your project or event idea.

Book me for:

● Conferences & webinars

● Internal events & training 

● Staff development  & team days

● Workshops & meetings

● Campaigns and commissions

● Innovation & service design projects

● Research & development visualisation

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